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DFW provides necessary resources including facilities, business processes, management systems, and operation teams to offer self-managed IT turnkey services to corporate clients. Our managed services include 24x7 Helpdesk, Desktop services, Application solutions, 24x7 Data Center, Infrastructure and Network systems support.

Our Mission Statement

As a corporate IT services provider, DFW Technology is committed to delivering the right solution, with the right people and technology to meet ever-increasing customer expectations and changing needs.

CEO Statement - Charlie W. Chen

  Welcome to DFW, an ISO 9000 certified IT service provider. For the past 20 years
  we have been dedicated to delivering quality IT services to business clients. Under
  our unique "Co-Resource" philosophy we continuously invest resources
in people,
  process, and technology along with our customers. Whether we're delivering helpdesk
  and desktop managed services, applications solutions, or infrastructure support,
  we consistently offer 5 Core Values to our customers: 

  TurnkeyFlexibility, Dedication, Quality & Stability, and Corporate Experienced
  Under our "IT-SeRVICE" proactive model we effectively deliver high quality services with "4-C" measurements: Customer Satisfaction, Competency, Competitiveness, and Capacity. Through our distinctive "20/20" value proposition, we achieve a Win-Win-Win long-term relationship with our Customers, Employees, and the Company.

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